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The Summit Group

The Summit Group is a team of experts with backgrounds in psychology and education. Our team has a broad array of experience and can provide a wide range of services to businesses, organizations, and individuals. Please read more about each of our team members below.​

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Our Team
Team Leaders
Alisa J. Estey, Ph.D.
Lead Consultant

Dr. Alisa Estey obtained her M.A. degree at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and her Ph.D. in experimental psychology at the University of Wyoming. She has extensive training in human behavior and cognition. She has specialized research experience focusing on wellbeing. Dr. Estey also has experience in program development, qualitative and quantitative research development, data collection, data analysis, report development, and dissemination. She has presented research at numerous national psychological conferences and has five peer reviewed publications. 

Bob Stuart, M.Ed.
Lead Consultant

Bob Stuart is a retired school administrator who has an extensive background in the area of problem solving in a variety of settings. Robert has a M.Ed. in administration and 30 years of experience working with children, parents, teachers, and community members.  He was also a consultant for a major textbook company and an instructor for the University of Wyoming. Robert has provided extensive training on decision making, site based management, and conflict resolution.

Jamie Lowe, Ph.D.
Lead Consultant

Dr. Lowe obtained her Ph.D. in counseling psychology at Penn State. Dr. Lowe has specialized training in relational, multicultural, career, and psychosocial issues. Dr. Lowe has worked successfully as a life coach and executive coach for over 10 years. 

Team Members

Summit Consulting employees are Ph.D. and Master's level consultants who assist with a broad range of consulting projects for businesses, organizations, academic institutions, and individuals.