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Business and Organization Consulting 



Businesses and organizations vary widely in their needs for optimization and growth. At Summit Consulting, our team works with businesses and organizations to provide custom tailored consulting services to fit their unique needs. Whether your business and organization needs help with program development, research, or improving interpersonal functioning among employees, Summit consulting can help.

We offer a variety of consulting services for businesses (for-profit and non-profit) and organizations (local and state agencies) which include:  

Program Development Assistance

  • Defining Business/Organization Objectives

  • Strategic Planning/ Goal development

  • Developing a comprehensive Needs Assessment

  • Decision Making

*This list is not comprehensive. Please email us with your specific needs.

Research Assistance

  • Research Development (Qualitative and Quantitative)

  • Data Collection

  • Assistance with questionnaires, surveys, and interviews

  • Data Analysis

  • Report Development

  • Dissemination of findings

*This list is not comprehensive. Please email us with your specific needs.

Interpersonal Functioning

  • Improving team and group dynamics

  • Conflict Resolution

*This list is not comprehensive. Please email us with your specific needs.

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Learn more about our services and rates with a free consultation.

Consultations allow us to learn more about your business/organization's needs and for you to learn more about our services and rates. If you are interested in a consultation, please contact us and we can schedule a time to talk. Consultations usually take between 30 minutes. 

Our mission is to provide businesses and organizations with the tools and skills to reach their goals. We are looking forward to hearing more about your specific needs. 

Have a question about the services we provide? Feel free to send us an email using our Contact Page.

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